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“Cellar door is an important part of our distribution channel. It’s an opportunity to deal directly with customers and get instant feedback on our products. As profit margins are greater through this channel, it’s an important piece of the pie. We want to increase cellar door sales by 100% in the next 12 months and are constantly looking for ways to help achieve this goal. We registered on the CellarDoorMETRICS® website straight away. There’s nothing else out there quite like this. I will be able to benchmark my cellar door against others in my region and in NSW. It’s also a good tool for reporting history of our own sales. The website is easy to use and it's not a big commitment in terms of loading sales data to get the reports.”

Hannah Logan, Owner of Logan Wines in Central Ranges, New South Wales, Australia

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Data Collection

  1. If you haven’t done so already, you will need to register your company and cellar door on the CellarDoorMETRICS® website.

    Click here to go to our online registration page where you can set up your own subscription to CellarDoorMETRICS®. If you prefer, you can download the registration form, fill it in and fax back to us on +61 8 8223 5750. We’ll set up your company registration and cellar door, get back to you with your logon and guide you through the next step personally.

  2. Then to start using the system, simply download the Weekly Data Collection Form (PDF or Excel).

    The Weekly Data Collection Form will help you to collect the following information each week:

    • Visitor count
    • Sales transaction count
    • Bottles sold
    • Wine, function, restaurant and accommodation sales revenue
    • Merchandise and produce sales
    • Service sales (eg: winery tours, tasting sales)

  3. Logon to CellarDoorMETRICS® and enter your data each week. This takes about 10 minutes.

    Apart from entering your data online from the Weekly Data Collection Form, you can also record:

    • Special events at your winery, local events and holidays. This will enable you to run reports to see what impact these events have on your sales and visitor numbers.
    • Employee numbers to measure the impact of events and sales on employees at your cellar door.

  4. Run reports.

    Click here to find out about the reports available.
If you need a hand with anything, email our user support or download the User Guide.