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Terms And Conditions

Welcome to the CellarDoorMETRICS® registration process. Please ensure that you read the terms and conditions before
proceeding with the registration.

The registration process consists of 5 or 6 simple steps.

  1. Step 1 - Terms & Conditions (this page)
  2. Step 2 - Company Details
  3. Step 3 - User Details
  4. Step 4 - Subscription Selection
  5. Step 5 - Payment; Valid credit card details are required (will be charged monthly)
  6. Step 6 - Cellar Door Setup (if registering as a Cellar Door)

Cellar Door Managers should choose the Cellar Door subscription. This will allow you to enter in your cellar door's performance data
and run comparitive reports against aggregated data from other cellar doors in your region.

National, State, or Regional Industry Organisations should choose the Industry Organisation subscription. This will allow them
to run aggregated reports for your area. This subscription is subject to approval by the system administrators.

After completing the registration process, your Industry Organisation registration will be enabled once it has been reviewed by the
administrators. You will be notified once
this has occurred.